Sunday, February 19, 2017

Back on the Roller Coster...

Well, once again we are fastening our seat belts and saying "weeeee!" as we lose our stomachs during some big drops along our Divinely designed roller coster.  This Divinely designed roller coaster is all to familiar, it's as if we have ridden this same roller coaster 4 years ago!  The common thread is that our Divinely designed roller coaster is navigated by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  Therefore, we are clinging to the promise and hope that God is not stumped as to what is going on with Andrew, He is doing a mighty work in and through him/us, He has a perfect plan already outlined, and He will carry us every step of this journey.  We have found that one of the best ways to endure our toughest days is to look outward (find opportunities to love on and encourage others), versus focusing on our current circumstances.  Clearly, the enemy doesn't appreciate that strategy because he has been extra busy, trying to derail us...  from a rock cracking the windshield of my brand new car, a tornado touching down in the parking lot of Grace's school and a nearby neighborhood (kids had to shelter in place at school, etc) which resulted in our fence being knocked down...

...our refrigerator going out, our dog eating 3.5 oz of dark chocolate and A LOT of protein bars, and the one that really brought us to our knees was when Andrew's liver Dr called to tell me the pathologist would like us to follow up with Oncology (specifically the oncologist that specializes in liver cancer) and they (the liver Drs) would like to see us this week too.  They continue to remain stumped as to what's going on with Andrew (the source of the terrible tummy pain, why an 8 year old has gallstones, a gallbladder that isn't functioning right, what exactly the liver lesions are, and why he has calcification in his lymph nodes), so they are trying to put all the pieces together as more information becomes available from from his biopsy to the scan on his gallbladder, etc. Part of the rollercoaster is the wave of emotions from one minute to the next...  it's not cancer, it is cancer and all the what if's associated with the latter.  I think I had an all time low last night as Abby, David, and I snuggled in bed with Andrew as he endured one of his worst tummy pains yet and he began to cry and said "I don't want to have cancer."  I asked him what scares him most about that possibility and he said "I don't know, it's just everyone is scared of cancer... and people can die from cancer."  Trying to help your 8 year old navigate the balance between honoring a genuine fear, while seeing that fear through the eyes of our hope and faith in Christ is a task that broke my heart into a million pieces because of the emotional and spiritual maturity it demands.  Andrew is the sweetest and most faithful little guy I know, so I praise the Lord that without question He has created and prepared Andrew for this journey.

As we are seeking the Lords strength, healing, peace, and wisdom, at the suggestion of one of my dear friends from home (California), a group of us are going to fast on Tuesday.  If you feel led to join us, we would LOVE for you to participate.  Throughout scripture we see examples of people fasting when they were in need of guidance from the Lord, so we plan to fast (not eat all day on and only drink water) on Tuesday in preparation for our Dr appointments on Wednesday.  As we experience hunger on Tuesday, we will meditate on God's word, lift Andrew up in prayer, and draw our strength from our Heavenly Father, the Creator of the universe, the one who heals, the one who is Emmanuel (meaning God is always with us)!

"We fasted and earnestly prayed that our God would take care of us, and he heard our prayer." 
Ezra 8:2

Valentine's Day Party fun!  Post tornado...

Abigail shared with me that she totally understood why we have spent so much one on one time with Andrew lately (Dr's appointments, dinner after swim practice to celebrate making it through despite tummy pain, etc) and didn't want that to change, but she said that she would really love to spend some one on one (date night) time with me too.  When Andrew heard her request, he immediately went into action trying to carve out time for Abby and I to go on a date.  I was planning to go to a Women's Ministry event on Friday night, but an opportunity to take my big girl on a date night (while Andrew was at a birthday party) became the priority.  Abigail and I went to dinner and did a little shopping (which I hate, but can tolerate with this cutie), while David took Grace on a date.  I have never had so much fun with this girl.  She literally talked the entire night (non-stop) and I enjoyed every second of hearing her heart and sharing laughs together.  

Date night with my big girl!

Andrew enjoying a ride with his buddy at his birthday party!

David and Grace's date night.  They sent us videos chronicling their date night that of course included "ICE CREAM TIME!"  Grace's favorite time ;-)

***If you plan to join us on Tuesday's fast, will you please let me know?  It serves as a huge source of encouragement.  Thank you for all of your support (prayerfully, tangibly, with words, and otherwise)!  I will post an update after Wednesday's appointments. (((hugs)))


Elise said...

I will be joining your fast and we pray for sweet Andrew. Is there a specific prayer pointgat I can be praying for? When I'm hungry I don't think well so if I could have a topic that would help me stay focused and on point. We love y'all !

Julie Wigle said...

Zach and I will be fasting on Tuesday as well. Talked to David last week and will be praying for wisdom for the doctors, as well as for all of you. :) Love you all!