Sunday, August 3, 2014

Grace's happy place and not so happy place...

Well, we found Grace's "happy place"...  

Abigail and Andrew loved it too, but it's Grace that surprised us the most because a trip to a Texas beach, in the Texas heat could have gone one of two ways with her :-/

A happy Gracie makes for a super happy and grateful Mommy and Daddy!

Everyone worked hard, contributing to...

(Uncle Brian was the artistic director)


-We got to celebrate the birthday of a world class Daddy and Papa today!  One of his many God given gifts is that he knows how to make people feel like they are the most special person on the planet.

-Grace has started melitonin this week in an attempt to sleep better, since titrating her dose to the highest that they've allowed us to go, we have seen a glimmer of hope (she only woke up once two nights in a row and went back to sleep in about 20 minutes).  Grace and David are at her sleep study right now, so that may provide some additional insight as to why (or why not) sleep is such an issue for her.
Apparently Grace is excited about her "slumber party" with her Daddy...

And then the excitement wore off...

And the torture began :-(
We are praying that she doesn't have sleep apnea because it requires life long management, but we are just eager to get some answers.  Will you please pray that she doesn't have sleep apnea and that the melitonin, essential oils, and prayers will do the trick for us all to get a full nights sleep for the first time in 2 years?  David and I got to see a glimpse of the fear that two years of uncertainty as it relates to Grace's health and being separated as a family has caused the big kids.  Abigail cried and was visibly sad and worried when it was time for David and Grace to leave tonight.  Despite the fact that it's only an overnight stay in the hospital, in Abigail's mind it looks too much like what has led to long hospital stays in the past.  Will you please pray for her sweet heart (and Andrew's too, it's just easier on him because he is just glad to have his mommy home with him)?

California or bust!  We are all getting really excited about the trip we have been planning to California for the second week in October!  David and I have really been wanting to bless Abigail and Andrew with a special trip because they have endured so much over the past year and have had SUCH great attitudes through it all (in God's strength).  We planned the trip in October because it will be the year anniversary from when all the real craziness began (when Grace went to Boston for her third heart surgery and what we hoped would be the last; however, we had no idea what would ensue).  We are hoping to catch up with as many of you as possible, so that we can hug your neck, introduce you to Miss Gracie Doo, and catch up!  Since our trip will be pretty jam packed, we were thinking that we would hang out at a central location in Orange County and the Arcadia area for a part of a day on a Saturday or Sunday and anyone that can drop by to say hi and hang out is welcome (sort of like a mini reunion :-).  If you have any ideas as to where a good meeting location might be please let me know.

In case I haven't told you lately, you are the best Village EVER!  We love and appreciate you!

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