Sunday, August 24, 2014

What a difference a week makes...

Praises report...

1)  As of Monday morning, all of our babies were out of the hospital and under the same roof!  Praise be to God!

One of the most special family (plus my mother-in-love who always comes to our rescue when we are in need) dinners ever!  It may have been thrown together at the last minute and everyone sitting around the table is exhausted to the max, but we are together and overflowing with gratitude!

2)  Grace had her first day of school on Thursday and survey says...  SHE LOVES IT!!!  Here are my Facebook posts from Grace's first and second day of school in case you missed it.

"The day has come... Grace started The Rise School today!!! A year ago we were smack in the middle of heart surgeries, so we couldn't even imagine that we would ever be able to send Grace to pre-school, but God had much bigger plans! The Rise School just oozes joy and purpose, and the other families and staff there are a community that I count myself as blessed to be a part of! Grace couldn't wait to get into her class and begin exploring (praying that novelty doesn't wear off by tomorrow  ). Believe it or not, I didn't shed any tears, but Abigail (Grace's second mommy) was very worried that Grace might be crying in her class, so she got to peek in at her several times (to see her joyfully playing) and felt at peace by the time we left."
 Yes, we were in full "Team Gracie Doo" mode on her first day of school!  You know that I'm all about team spirit!
 Here is Grace eating a snack at school in her fancy chair (each child has their own personalized chair, in fact each chair has the child's name and picture on the back to identify who's chair it is).  She was one of the last ones left at the table eating her snack, but she was enjoying watching the other kids play and singing songs with one of her teachers that was helping feed one of her little friends.  The reason that the picture is so dark and fuzzy is because I took it through a tinted window.
 We have been blown away by how joyful Grace is after school! 

3)  Abigail had her first soccer practice for her new soccer team.  This is her first season playing on a competitive soccer team, it's amazing all that she has learned in just one practice.  We are excited for a great season!

4)  The big kids got to meet their teacher on Friday afternoon!  Here is my Facebook post after "meet the teacher."

"Our cup runneth over today... Grace has LOVED her first two days of school and the big kids hit the jackpot with their teachers for this school year. We already know that we LOVE Andrew's teacher, Mrs. Gazaway, because Abigail had her for Kinder. We met Abigail's teacher, Mrs. Varga, for the first time today and we already ADORE her! Praising the Lord for hand picking these special teachers for each of our kiddos."
I can't believe Andrew is going to be a big Kindergartener! 

Abigail is going to be a big 2nd grader!

5)  The kids talked NON STOP about doing the ice bucket challenge, so finally on Friday evening everyone took their challenge.  Even Grace loved watching videos of people doing the ice bucket challenge, she even pretended to pour water on her head, so we let her take the challenge (it was in no way ice water and it was less than a cup of water) and she now loves watching her own ice bucket challenge video.

6)  We went to the Houston Museum of Natural Science (mainly because we had a coupon that we needed to use) where David and I were reminded that we just aren't museum people (and neither is Abigail :-). We can get through a museum in an hour tops...  However, the thing that made the museum visit worth it was watching how much Andrew loved the dinosaur exhibit.

7)  We FINALLY got Grace's sleep study results... she has mild obstructive sleep apnea.  The praise in this news is that there is a reason why she wakes up every single night still, it's only mild, it's obstructive verses a neurological issue (which would cause a whole new host of concerns), and the treatment is medication.  However, we haven't figured out how to effectively get Grace to sniff up her nasal spray, yet.  She thinks that she's rocking her medicine because she makes the sniffing sound, however, what she's actually doing is blowing out.  She has only been taking the medication for two days and we haven't seen any miraculous results yet, but remain hopeful and would greatly appreciate your prayers.  If the medication doesn't work, the next step would be to consider having her adenoids removed, etc. 
This is what I look like in the middle of the night when I wake up...  Party Time!!!

8)  We participated in a prayer walk around the big kids school this evening.  It was truly a blessing to gather with a few other families and their kiddos to pray over the school, kiddos, teachers, and administration.  We are excited for what God has in store for Campbell Elementary this year!  

Prayer request...

1)  The big kids have their first day of school tomorrow (Monday) and Grace has her first full week of school.  Will you please pray that each of the kiddos have a phenomenal experience on their first day and every day to follow, that they would sense God's presence and that they would be a light at their school?

2)  Will you please pray for sustained health for everyone in our family?  I hope we've already paid our sick dues before school even started :-/

3)  Will you please pray that Grace's medications for sleep apnea begin to work and surgery isn't needed?

THANK YOU, SWEET VILLAGE!!!  We love and appreciate you!!!

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