Sunday, July 27, 2014

Guest post...

We have a guest post today...
Yep, Grace Astrid Ross is going to give you our weekly update and tell you a little bit about what life is like in her world these days!

-The highlight of my week was getting to meet my new teacher, Mrs. Carol, and the rest of the staff who will be helping out in my class this coming school year at The Rise School.  They were all so sweet to me and seemed really excited to meet me and my mommy and daddy.  I got to explore my new room and I can tell that while I may cry when I'm dropped off (because that's how I roll), I'm going to enjoy all of the fun and purposeful activities that they have planned for us everyday.  I can't wait to see what it's like taking a nap on a nap mat with all my new friends...  I sort of picture it like herding cats, but I guess my teachers are good cat herders.  I wonder if you have to attend school to learn to do that?

-I still don't sleep through the night, in fact I've only slept through the night a handful of times in my almost two years of life because... well, sleep is over rated.  I have started taking melitonin (which tastes terrible) and my mommy has been using some essential oils to try to help me stay asleep, but they haven't kept me from partying in the middle of the night, so my Dr's want for me to have a sleep study done to make sure that I don't have sleep apnea, etc, so next weekend my daddy and I get to have a sleep-over in a sleep clinic.  Will you please pray for us?

-I've had a busy weekend being the project manager for the resurfacing of the pool deck project at my Papa and KK's...

-My Bubba had a sleepover this weekend...

while I sure did miss him, the girls (and Daddy) went to dinner...
and played a serious game of Mario Cart and Super Mario Bro.  My job was to run interference by pulling on peoples remotes and trying to distract them with my silly antics!

Here are ten of my favorite things to do, fun facts, or silly antics that I've been up to these days...

1)  One of my favorite things to do right now is play my Tither's keyboard, then to turn on the music feature so that I can dance!  I have some serious dance moves from interpretive dance to hip hop.

2)  I love to try and sneak to the back of the house without my mommy and daddy seeing, so that I can try to wake up my Bubba and Tither after they have gone to bed.  Mommy and Daddy now put up a baby gate so I can't accomplish my plan, so I do the next best thing, stand at the gate and yell to my Bubba and Tither!
3)  I'm a rule follower in training...  I like to make sure that I understand the "rules" by testing them a lot...  If I know something is a "no no,"  I will wag my finger at it and say "no no" and then slowly with my pointer finger, reach for it while looking at my mommy and daddy, just to make sure that it is still a "no no."  To be double sure, I do it again and then I sometimes even beat my mommy and daddy to the consequence and thump my own hand.
4)  I also love to read books, tickle, and give zerberts!
5)  I can bear crawl really fast, and because I go so fast, I sometimes wipe out.  I can cruise and walk with a push toy.  I'm close to standing up on my own, but haven't done it yet because I don't want to overwhelm everybody with so many tricks at once, so I'm going to surprise you with it one day when you least expect it.
6) I like to make this fussy sound, then my mommy and daddy say that they don't speak "fuss," so to please use my words; however, my Tither always falls for it...  I fuss, she picks me up and then I turn it off...  it works every time.  She's the best Tither ever!  I forgot to mention that I LOVE attention, so I'm always happy when someone is talking to me or playing with me.
7)  Some other things that I love is to sneak into Andrew's room (since everyone always closes the bathroom and laundry room door, so that I can't play in the toilet and dog's water bowl) and throw his toy cars all over the room, find hats or helmets to put on (but I'm not trying to wear a hat for a purpose like keeping the sun off my face while in the pool, etc).

8)  I also like to wave to people and say "hi" until they acknowledge me, try to sing (I especially like the Frozen sound track and Ariel, from Little Mermaid's voice that plays when I push a button on my favorite necklace),
and identify people with pretty hair or call attention to when mine looks particularly pretty by doing this motion and saying "oooooo!"

9)  God made me very "stretchy," so I like to entertain my family by showing off my moves.  Abigail and Andrew call it my Downsie power!  My mommy isn't fast enough to catch my most stretchy moves on camera, but here are a couple of pictures of me just warming up...

10)  I now weigh 20 lbs!

I don't know how I could ever thank you for being my Village...  I do have a lot of love to give and dance moves to share, so I hope that I get to hug or dance with each and everyone of you someday!  
And never forget that I LOVE YOU!!!

That's it for now... I'm pushing send!


Pat said...

You rock, Gracie!!

Julie Wigle said...

I need to meet her! Soon! And Tither and Bubba too. :)