Sunday, July 20, 2014

Busy, but Blessed Weekend

-This week we finally got back in the swing of things with Grace's therapies (we have been on hiatus due to vacation, illnesses, scheduling conflicts, etc).  Two out of three of Grace's therapists this week mentioned how amazed they were with Grace's progress, from all of her new words to her engagement/personality and mobility (for her age).  Those types of comments sure do bless a momma's (and daddy's) heart because you can't help but wonder, through all of the "crazy," how being intubated and sedated for so much of her life would effect her development, etc.  Those comments serve as a powerful reminder that God is above the "crazy!"

-Grace had her liver labs drawn on Thursday and we are still waiting on the results.  Will you please, please, please keep praying that her labs are all within normal range?

-This weekend has been nonstop, but full of sweetness and hugs from God...

On Saturday, we had two very special birthday parties!  We started at a birthday party for a PRECIOUS little girl, Leila...
 who has a mommy that I call "My Charmoin" because there is no question that God hand picked her to walk me (or maybe carry me) from the fear and desperation of Grace's Up's diagnosis (when I was pregnant) to the joy and gratitude that I found on the other side of all of those fears (once we got to meet, get to know and fight for our little Gracie Doo).  She spent many hours answering all of my (what seem now as being really silly) questions, encouraging me, and being a faithful prayer warrior.  It wasn't until this Saturday that I actually got to meet "my Charmoin" in person and hug her neck!  As if that wasn't enough, we got to meet a number of other amazing families that have kiddos that have gone to or are still attending the Rise School, where Grace will start in one month!  For Abigail and Andrew, this party was the highlight of their weekend because they were amongst those who are celebrities in their minds...  a ton of other kiddos with Up's!!!  They get SO very excited to see (let alone talk to and play with) anyone with Up's that we seriously had to workshop before going to the party that they didn't need to point out everyone that has Up's because we want to be sensitive not to offend anyone.  They have a tendency to say really loud "Mommy!!!  Look, there's a Downsy Doo!!!" because to them it is so exciting and special.  I guess it's not a bad problem to have, their hearts are so stinkin' sweet!

Get this...  the second birthday that we went to was for 2 of the sweet kiddos that belong to one of our newest, God-ordained, precious family friends!  Remember the Pepper's that I posted about before?  They have a baby, Presley, with Up's who is 3 months old and will also require heart surgery (will you please pray that Presley would be able to get as old as possible before she requires heart surgery and that she would rock that surgery?).  Long story short, I had been praying that God would bless me with the opportunity be a "Charmoin" to somebody else and He mercifully connected Jenny and I when she was still pregnant with Miss Presley.  I couldn't be more honored to get to be on this journey with her and her amazing family!

Sadly, this is the only picture that I have from the birthday party, but at least it's a sweat one of Gracie and Presley (while that looks just like Jenny holding Presley, it is actually her sweet mom :-).

-Since the second birthday party we attended was closer to "Crack and Toot's" (my in-love's) house we stayed the night there, which is always a treat because they spoil us with their hospitality, sweetness (Mary- "Crack"), and funny antics (Ed- "Toot").

As an added bonus, we got to see Aunt Becca, Uncle Brian, and cousin Joe on Saturday and we went to church and lunch with them today!  Bummer, forgot to take a picture!

Some random pictures of our spunky Gracie Doo from this weekend...

We pray that each of you, sweet Village members, know that you are loved, appreciated, and prayed for by the Ross Family!  Hope each of you has a blessed week!

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Charmoin said...

LOVED getting to finally meet you all! You all are just as precious in person as you are on the phone and the computer! We were BLESSED by getting to spend time with your family. We can't wait to get to see you more often at Rise! Hugs and kisses to you all!