Sunday, January 12, 2014

Weekend of tears, fun and withdrawals...

Please forgive me for my lack of posts lately.  Here is a recap of our weekend...

On Friday night we finally got to get together with our dear friends that we were suppose to get together with for New Years, but had to continuously postpone it due to illnesses.  This family is so special to us for so many reasons, but one of the sweetest treasures is the friendship between our girls Abigail and Julia (Ju Ju).  They have known each other since birth and watching their friendship grow over the past 6 and half years has been a true joy and blessing.  To think that they have "accountability," where they talk about things that they are struggling with (either at home or at school), talk about how to overcome those struggles by memorizing scripture or finding a worship song for them to sing during tough times, praying for each other, and then checking in with each other each to see how they are doing with that area of struggle; the fact that they are doing this at their young age is mind blowing to me.  I didn't learn about the importance of that type of relationship until I was an adult, so we rejoice that God has provided that for our children in their most formative years.  Andrew loves the idea of "accountability," so we are "accountability partners" until he is mature enough to have a friend take that role in his life (I love that I get to be that person for now :-).  All that to say, Julia's family is honoring a call that God has put on their lives to home school their girls next year; therefore, Abigail and Ju Ju will no longer be going to school together.  With all that Abigail has been through over the past 3 months we decided to wait to talk to her in depth about it.  We took the opportunity on Friday night to talk to and pray with the girls about the changes next year and while Abby shed a lot of tears, it is another one of those opportunities for them to learn to trust that God's promises (especially Jeremiah 29:11) are meant for them too and He is a God that can be trusted.  Our family always says when we are following God, even though it's hard "it will be good because God is good!"  Abigail and Andrew are best friends, so they (especially Andrew) think that one person's best friend is naturally the other's too, therefore Andrew would say that Ju Ju is his best friend too.  Check out the best friends snuggling (Ju Ju was consoling Abigail because she still had tears after our talk about next year) as they watch a movie, while the grown ups played a game in another room…

On Saturday, Abigail had cheerleading and Andrew had his first basket ball game.  So much fun!

A super sweet family in our neighborhood, anonymously donated some toys to the kids for Christmas, so Grace has been enjoying her new ball pit!  Thank you SO much who ever donated the toys and also those who so generously donated to the Caroling for a Cause fundraiser.  We can't wait to participate in such an amazing fundraiser next year!  THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!

One thing that has been constant all weekend long is that Grace continues to battle the nasty withdrawals (which include, vomiting, sleeplessness, agitation, jitters, teeth chattering, etc).  She has finished methadone and now we are on to the clonidine wean, which should we finished by the end of the month.  Will you please pray for her and us during this difficult time?

"Withdrawals can't squelch this cuteness"

Lastly, the NINERS won their playoff game today! YAY!!!

There is so much more that I want to talk to y'all about, but I will save it for future posts, so that I don't wear you out :-).  Love and appreciate you, sweet Village!

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The Keierleber Family said...

So excited for JuJu and fam- I know Mama will rock at homeschooling! Sorry that the girls won't see each other at school, but I know the BFFs will always be BFFs. :) Love these two families so much!

Those ding dang dong withdrawls! ugh. praying they finish soon!