Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I apologize for not posting yesterday, I'm still battling this annoying cold and Grace had a rough evening of withdrawal and congestion and cough.  Our original New Year's Eve plan was foiled due to our health status; however, we are grateful that we didn't have to cancel our New Year's Eve plans, but instead reschedule them for later this week when we are well (Lord willing).  I was bummed feeling like "this isn't how I planned to start our 2014, with more sickness!  Why can't we catch a break with sickness lately, haven't we paid our dues?" but then I was reminded that "New Years" is an earthly/man made holiday that I'm sure is less important on God's radar, so I guess He's less concerned about my desire for a marker of new beginning because His blessings are new every morning, not necesarrily on January 1st.  If you are excited about the beginning of a New Year and use this day as a marker to a new beginning, I say ROCK ON, I usually do too and I don't think that there's anything wrong with that at all, I'm just trying to keep my head and heart focused on the big picture, instead of allowing myself to be disappointed about the expectation of the day :-).

Despite being under the weather we still had a great New Year's Eve as a family beginning with dinner,

playing with new toys (thank you Dave and colleagues, again!!!), 

board game olympics (we played three new games that the kids got for Andrew's birthday and Christmas), playing "what's your favorite thing about each person in our family" (the kids often request to do this, it always makes for a sweet time), a glow stick party, and count down!

2013 was a year of exercising our faith muscles... A LOT!  Good thing God is the type of trainer that never rests or tires because He has had to spot us (lifting the weight for me as my muscles began to shake and fatigue) all along the way!  We rejoice in the closeness to Christ that we have experienced, the lessons that we've learned, the people that we have met, and the measure of love and support that exceeded anything we could have ever fathomed from you, the BEST VILLAGE ever!  Many nights over the past week I have woke up in the middle of the night with you on my mind, so I was able to spend time praying for many of you individually and collectively.  It is our honor to commit to continue to pray for each of you throughout 2014, so if you ever have specific prayer requests please, please, please let us know how we can specifically be praying for you.

As far as our prayer requests…  will you please pray for health for every member of the Ross Family (especially Grace) and for an uneventful 2014?


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Kathy A. said...

I wish I could look as cute as Grace when I'M having a bad day! :)

I pray that God will bring his healing touch upon all of you in 2014.

Aunt Kathy
ps. While in Tampa these past two days we actually forgot it was NewYears and realized it IS just a day! Definitely a man-made holiday that mostly just gives people an excuse to drink. The more important thing was to spend time with family/friends and give thanks for blessings....