Saturday, January 4, 2014

Frustrating Blessing

I continue to battle this relentless cough, congestion, and no more than a whisper for a voice.  It seems to zap all of my energy by the time evening comes, so once the kids are down, I have found myself laying on the couch (or maybe more sitting because laying down makes the tickle in my throat worse :-), watching college bowl games, and pondering on all of you (and others that I'm sure don't follow the blog)…  the people that have shown our family a type of sacrificial love and support that I have never known before.  Y'all have taught me so much about how to love someone well through dark times. You have lived out the verse that talks about rejoicing with those that rejoice and morning with those that morn.  As I spend time thinking about each of you, praising God for you, and praying for you I continue to ask God how I can possibly convey my gratitude to you.  After all, the words "thank you" are so freely used when someone refills your drink at a restaurant or passes the salt and pepper, so how do you thank someone that had a hand in getting a life saving flight approved for your precious baby, that chose to fight for her life with great hope when so many others spoke words of hopelessness, prayed without ceasing for every specific prayer request, sacrificially gave of their time, talent or finances, sent care packages, and messages of truth and hope day after day, constantly reminding us that we are not alone in this fight, and so much more.  All of these acts of kindness gave us great hope that we needed in some of the darkest days of our life.  The truth is, I still haven't figured out the right or adequate words to convey our gratitude, so our prayer is that somehow, some way you will know how much we appreciate you today and forever!

Another lesson learned- since it's hard for me to talk right now, I have found myself doing a whole lot more listening, praying, and pondering.  This frustrating blessing has allowed me to appreciate things that I probably would have missed had God not allowed my voice to take a vacation (maybe that's why God tells us to be quick to listen and slow to speak :-).  Some of the things that I was quietly blessed by is watching and admiring the deep, raw, and unhibited love (that boarders on obsession) that Abigail and Andrew have for Grace.  It's like Christmas morning everyday in our house because they can't wait until Grace wakes up and when she does they are consumed with loving on her and tending to her every need.

"Merry Christmas Bubba and Sissy, I'm awake now and ready for some lovin'!"
A beautiful example of this happened tonight as we drove home from dinner and Grace was fussing in the car.  Abigail and Andrew quickly went to work, trying to talk to her from the back seat and when that didn't work, they resorted to singing her favorite song, "Amazing Grace" over and over and over and over, for at least 20 minutes straight.  Each of these nuances aren't inherently miraculous, but they are the type of thing that by God's grace, happen all day, every day and I'm afraid that in the busyness of life, I can easily over look them.  I've also had my heart melted repeatedly as I see the joy that Grace exudes.  If that little sweetie catches your eye, she will give you the type of smile that makes the world stand still.  I guess my reason for sharing this with you is because I can't help but wonder if anyone else is guilty of sprinting through the day, trying to hit the mark…  get kids to school, go to work, make sure kids are picked up, do homework, eat dinner, get the kids down, try to tie up loose ends from the day and repeat…  You add on top of that all of our New Year's resolutions and it is all to easy to choke out the hugs from God that are meant to fill our tank, reminding us of His presence, goodness, and love, which are expressed so personally and with overwhelming power.  I guess that is going to be one of my New Year's resolutions…

Love you and good night, sweet Village!

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Caryn said...

Such a BEAUTIFUL post! I'm striving to savor the moments as well!