Saturday, July 2, 2016

Family Camp Awesomeness

We are still recovering from Family Camp withdrawals, but we are adjusting back to the real world slowly but surely.  This was our 5th year at Family Camp and I can confidently say that this was our favorite year yet.  It felt like I was finally able to peak out above the clouds (in the past we were in survival mode with Grace) and really, truly soak in and enjoy time with our family, alone time with David (even if we spent date night with his phone on the table watching the USA/Argentina soccer game- wouldn't have had it any other way), the other precious week 4 families, the counselors, and of course the amazing teaching on marriage and parenting.  It's also more exciting as the kids get older because they can do more activities and the way they connect with their counselors and other kids is so unique and special.  It is impossible to explain how impactful Family Camp is on our family each year, so all I can say is trust me... if you have ever considered for a second going to Family Camp... try it, commit to just one year and your family will blessed beyond your wildest dreams.  Here are some highlights from our week:

Family Camp Besties!  These two just love each other so much!

Andrew's cabin

Abby's cabin

Getting ready for family worship

Grace worked on photography skills all week...  here is one of her gems!

Grace talked a big game all year about riding a horsy.  Just as we suspected, she wouldn't get on a pony with her class, but the counselors pulled the pony out for us after lunch one day and Grace reluctantly got on it to show her bubba and sissy.  Once she got on Coconut (her pony), she loved it.

Target practice with BB guns

Time Machine Melt Down took us to the 80's!

Ton's of pool time!

This is Eli, he took INCREDIBLE great care of Grace all week long while they were in class together.  His sister Presley (Miss P) has designer genes just like Grace, so it is evident that God gave him some serious skills in love, patience, encouragement, and being a great protector!
Here is Grace and Miss P!  If we could be half as cool as these two, then we would be livin' large!
Part of what makes Family Camp so special is all of the amazing families that you get to spend time with.  Here is just one of those special families...  The Peppers!  Eli, Presley and Avery's family :-)
The Daddy's and their girls with designer genes!

Grace developed a new saying while at camp "Cool Dude!"

One of our favorite activities every year is the breakfast trail ride.  Even more than the breakfast trail ride, we love the cattle round up.  We never have pics of the cattle round up because it is a fast moving activity that doesn't ever leave time to grab a picture. 

This was the first year that the big kids were old enough to go on a family trail ride.  It was such a treat getting to see the kids navigate their horses, since they typically ride horses with their class, so we don't get to see them


Date night!

Battle board!

Zip lining!


Fun with the Frogs (Grace's class)

Wild Wood girls performing at the talent show

Fishing in a canoe 


The Power Pole...  Andrew was so brave and flew to the top!  I just prayed the whole time that I would have courage and do it for my boy, but I was seriously mortified inside.  

There I am, jumping off in attempt to catch the trapeze bar.  For the record, I did grab it and I have the battle wound to prove it ;-)
Andrew went again with his buddy, Quinn!
Gaga ball!

Bible study

Cruise theme night...  we were on a Disney cruise!

Grace and one of her counselors, Sari

 Sissies headed to worship...

Daily family devotional time with our awesome counselor, Trick Shot!

My brave boy climbed up the huge rock wall, never giving in to fear...

He made it!

Big sissy taking little sissy down the big water slide!

I'm so glad I caught a pic of these two during "Club" (worship time).  During our time at Family Camp, I was reminded how blessed we are that these two love and look out for each other

Despite David still recovering from his complete ACL repair, he and Josh won the pickle ball tournament under the lights!  We were so proud of "Walk-a-Ross"!!!

 Giant water slide in the lagoon

Carnival Night!

Another family favorite...  DODGE BALL!!!

Our Fast Forward counselor, Trick Shot!  He happens to be from Redondo Beach (where David and I lived when we first got married).

The amazing families of Week 4!  Love them all!

The most God honoring college kids/adults we know...  Pine Cove counselors!!!

At the end of camp, the kids individual counselors will affirm them for character qualities that they observed throughout the week!  

If you are looking for a family vacation that will make your marriage and family stronger, all while creating amazing memories, I would love to tell you more about Pine Cove's Family Camp!

***A couple of other HUGE milestones for Grace happened over the past couple weeks (insert squeal)...

Grace started Princess ballet with her bestie, Sadie.  It makes me so proud and in awe of God's goodness when I watch Grace keeping up with her typical peers (many are even older than her).

This is what the love of true bestie looks like! 

Grace is in the pink dress...

Grace took swim lessons this week!  This kid floated on her back with such peace and confidence (with her teacher holding her of course) and put her head in the water like a champ.

Lastly, we just signed Grace up for soccer (with the same league that Abigail and Andrew played on), beginning in September!  We can barely contain our excitement for her to play because this too is a serial moment for us, the idea that she's well enough to play soccer blows our minds, and the fact that she has some serious soccer skills (her sissy is her personal trainer ;-) points to a God that never ceases to amaze us and uses Grace often to remind us that He is not limited to our finite minds and fears.  My biggest fears about her playing soccer is that parents of the kids on her team will secretly be thinking ) "great, how'd we get the special needs kid on our team?"  I have actually had someone say that to me about her daughter's soccer team, not knowing that I have a child with special needs.  I trust that "even if" that happens, God will equip us with the wisdom, strength, and courage to respond in a gracious manner and let God use Grace to teach them a lesson about what really matters in life.  My other fear is that Grace will get knocked down or hurt, but David always reminds me that she's probably tougher than all the other kids out there, so she can hold her own :-/

Look how tough this kid is!  She insisted on carrying in a bag on each arm like the big kids do, not just the single bag I originally gave her.

And she is pretty stinking cute... and hilarious!  

Abigail attended a soccer camp at Rice University and Andrew attended Camp Invention!  Money well spent, since they both got to do things they LOVE!

A highlight for me...  A few weeks ago, I took an adult hip hop class with some awesome friends!  While it's been close to 15 years since I've taken a dance class, it was a blast!

Lastly, we celebrated 45 years of wedded bliss with my precious in-laws last weekend!  Love them!

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Julie Wigle said...

Once again, I know our family needs to do family camp as it looks AMAZING! :) So glad you had fun, and thanks for all of the great pictures!