Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Praise worthy update...

HUGE PRAISE!!!  So, Grace came down with a nasty tummy bug yesterday (we can't catch a break over here).  It was so sad to see her literally throw up all day long, while desperately wanting water, but not being able to have any because she would just throw it right back up.  Our initial concern was, could it be her heart, but the blessing in disguise is that it was a tummy bug.  We were afraid that this new illness would require us to reschedule Grace's cardiology appointment AGAIN, but praise the Lord that she was well enough to go to her cardiology appointment today and her echo looked UNCHANGED (even with the fact that she is just getting over an illness, which can make your heart work harder).  This means that we get another 3 months until we have to go back for our next cardiology appointment!  We are beyond grateful!!!

Grace's Village members...  In case you didn't see on Facebook, we now have Women's fit and Youth size t-shirts available!  Just a reminder that all proceeds go to Gigi's Play House Sugar Land :-).  Huge thanks to everyone that has already bought a shirt, you have no idea how much that means to us!  Here is the link:

Your prayers have been heard and felt, thank you!!!

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