Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Urgent prayer request...

Grace's Village we need your prayers right now!  Please excuse any typos, I only have a minute to write this post.

We got a call from the Hematology/Oncology clinic yesterday and they said that they would like to see Grace regarding her last lab draw (remember the one where many of the numbers were way out of whack, especially her off the chart B12 levels).  Originally we thought that we should wait until we get the new labs drawn next week and then see if an appointment with the hematologist is even needed.  However (what I think can only be explained by divine intervention happen), the nurse from our pediatricians office accidently called me this morning (she meant to call a different family) just as I was thinking about the need to call their office to have them prepare lab orders for me to pick up in preparation for next weeks lab draw...  as she apologized for the mistaken phone call, I said "no problem, it's actually perfect timing because I was about to call you!"  I proceeded to ask her about the lab order form and in our discussion she asked me if the hematology office had called me.  When I shared with her our plan (to wait for labs next week), she encouraged me to take the available appointment since it is so hard to get an appointment (with any specialty really) in a timely manner and she said that the hematology dr's they consulted said that they wanted to see Grace sooner than later.  All that being said, the new plan is to get STAT labs drawn today and see the hematologist tomorrow (Thursday afternoon).  Will you please pray that Grace's labs look miraculously normal and that leukemia can be ruled out (along with anything else scary)?  We trust in God's sovereignty, if it has to be leukemia than we know that there is a reason for it and it's His best plan (it may hurt like hell, but He will see us through it), but we continue to pray (if it be His will) that we can dodge the leukemia bullet.

THANK YOU for your faithful and fervent prayers! 

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