Monday, September 7, 2015

Grace making a joyful sound unto the Lord...

This has been one of those weeks :-/... non-stop business and chaos from a flat tire (that led to replacing all 4 tires) to fever from the flu shot, but as a family we try to focus on having an attitude of gratitude, looking for God in the good, the not so good, and the mundane.  Here are some sweet and funny moments from the week!

-Abigail is a skeeter ninja!  This kid can see and kill skeeters (mosquitos) like a boss!  No joke, there was what must have been a genetically enhanced skeeter in the house one night because it kept trying to get me and neither David nor I could get it, then I heard it...  one of the kids had gotten out of bed to go potty, so I was hoping it was Abigail, so that she could come save us from the crazy, elusive skeeter.  It was her, so she joyfully came to our rescue, locating and killing the skeeter in less than 5 minutes!  That is when I took this picture of the skeeter ninja!

The Skeeter Ninja coming to our rescue after having already gone to bed!

-One of our favorite things that Gracie does...  when our mommy in training (Abigail) catches Grace doing something she isn't suppose to be doing she says "Little Doooooo" with her hands on her hips and Grace gets a big smile on her face and repeats it back to Abigail.  For some reason, any time she does this the whole family can't help but laugh!

-The house was too quiet for all of a few minutes, when I immediately wondered were Grace was...  I heard some noise coming from her room, but the door was closed.  As I got closer I could hear her singing "Amazing Grace", I quietly opened the door and peaked in and she had turned off the light, turned on her noise machine, climbed into her rocking chair with her baby, and was singing the baby to sleep.  I tried to get a video of the sweetness, but when I went to video her my phone turned on a bright light (I guess because it was dark), but Grace quickly stopped singing and peaked around the side of the chair to see what was going on.  I couldn't help but laugh, but it was all kinds of sweetness and I was so proud of her for preparing the room so well to get her baby ready for bed.

-My heart melted when Andrew came to tell me, with the most sincere look on his face, that he "just LOVES listening to Grace sing, she's so cute!"  So simple, but full of perspective, the fact that we get to hear Grace sing is a miracle in itself.

This picture has nothing to do with what I mentioned above, but it is a picture of Andrew trying to make Grace laugh by acting like one of the baby ducks (we found these ducks and some turtles behind one of our new favorite restaurants). 

-Our week ended with a great long weekend- We loved getting to watch Abigail's soccer scrimmage on Saturday and pool time with my parents...

Random picture of Papa and Gracie Doo!

...then we spent part of Sunday and Monday in The Woodlands with my in-loves (David's parents/family) and had a sweet time with lots of laughs.  Too bad I failed to capture any pictures, except for Grace eating ice cream of course :-)!

PRAYER REQUEST-  Grace has her next cardiology appointment on Friday.  Will you please pray that her heart continues to look great and that the gradient across her mitral valve is the same (or better because we know that God can do that :-) as it was 3 months ago?  We know that a trip to Boston to dilate the valve is inevitable, it's just a matter of when her doctors feel that it's time (her doctors thought that she would need it dilated a year after it was placed and we are coming close to two years, so we are certainly grateful for that blessing).  Along with the dilatation comes the risk of complications (a tear in the valve that could lead to a leak, requiring replacement via another open heart surgery sooner than we hope) and as you know, Grace never does things by the book, so that in conjunction with the fact that she's only the 21st child to have this valve in the mitral position, there are still a lot of unknowns, making for what could be an anxiety producing situation.  Will you please pray for wisdom for her doctors and peace for our family as we trust that God knows when is the best time to go (I hate to have to go when the big kids just started school and David just started his new job, but trusting God's timing is always right)?

This picture came up on my Facebook timeline this week...
To God be the glory for rescuing Gracie from her first "crash cart" experience and everything that she has endured (in His strength) since then!

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