Monday, July 20, 2015

The Rise School has talent...

Grace's school had the most awesome talent show this week where each class (there are a total of 10) performed as well as some individual acts.  Here is Grace's class...

Grace is the one with the orange shirt and pony tail.  She was thrilled to have her mommy, daddy, bubba, and tither there to watch her.  I'm just grateful that she didn't knock out her little buddy sitting next to her with her instrument :-/.

Since I'm still not allowed to pick up anything more than 15 pounds for 3 more weeks (due to my recent hernia repair), which unfortunately includes Grace :-(, we took the opportunity to take the big kids to the beach while Grace is still in school (that way I wouldn't have to chase her down the beach, lift her up, etc).  We had a blast! 

Lastly, the highlight of our week was when Andrew's Pine Cove counselor "Singa" came to visit us during his less then 24 hours of free time between weeks.  This is one special guy to our family!

Grace sure knows a Pine Cove counselor when she sees one (even if it's out of context and not at camp) because the second she saw "Singa" she gave him a hug and was excited to read a book with him!  Those of you that know Grace well know that she doesn't warm up to men easily, not even her Papa Toot and Uncles!

This was the one time this weekend that Grace would get close to Papa Toot and I'm pretty sure it was because he served her some of her favorite ice cream, she temporarily let her guard down and showed him some love.  

So, Grace (aka- The Boss) is the Family Camp chant police in that every time we say grace before a meal she immediately follows "amen" with "OOOOOOOOO" with her hands above her head...  this is how one of the Family Camp prayer chants begins and she sure does make sure we do it before or even during every meal and if Abigail tries to sit down for the chant, Grace will say "top" (meaning stop) and tell Abigail "up" while pointing to the floor next to her chair.  What she wants is for Abigail to jump up and down for the chant like we do at Family Camp.  There are a number of other chants that she also loves to do, but I won't bore you with those details :-).  

This week, I will be out of town for a few days for work and as I've mentioned before, it's always tough on the kids when one of us (especially their momma) has to be gone, so will you please pray for their little hearts to handle our time apart well?

Sweet snuggles...

Grace does this crazy face when she's trying to make us laugh...

Thank you for being our Village!

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