Sunday, July 26, 2015

Fun Videos...

I have done a terrible job of taking pictures lately, but I do have some great videos to share with you...

I was out of town for a few days this week and while it was hard leading up to my departure (lots of tears from the kids) we all survived and God gave us plenty of "hugs" along the way.  One sweet "hug" came on Wednesday night of my meeting as we were headed to a team dinner.  I was starving, there was a last minute change of venue that led us to a Mexican restaurant (I'm one of the few people on the planet that doesn't particularly like Mexican food), so inside I was feeling bummed because I was eager to feed on yummy food.  Shortly after sitting down and searching the menu for something that looked remotely tasty, my counterpart pointed out that someone was waving at us through a window right next to me...  Wouldn't you know it was a precious little boy with Up's!  I also happened to be wearing my shirt that read "I love homies with extra chromies."  I flew out of my chair with excitement to meet a new friend.  I spent the next 20 minutes chatting with Wyatt, my new 9 year old friend with Up's, and his parents.  As I've mentioned before, there is an unspoken camaraderie among parents with children with Up's (it's like your instant homies because you share a secret... while others may look at us and feel sorry for us, only we know what a crazy awesome roller coaster our lives have become).  I returned to my seat with joy in my heart and I was pleasantly surprised by my reasonably yummy dinner.  I took a picture of Wyatt because I knew it would make David jealous to know that I met a new friend with Up's, but I'm not posting his picture only because I didn't ask his family first, but picture a handsome little boy with freckles and a surfer haircut.  Love him!!!

David did a great job of keeping the big kids busy to minimize the tears of missing mommy.  They went to a fun park, bowling, etc.

The reason that Andrew is holding his hand like that is because he dropped a 12 pound bowling ball on it.  I thought that he would need an X-ray, but praise the Lord he didn't.  Not the kind of text you want to get when you are out of town :-/

David knows how much I love getting pictures of the kids when I'm out of town, so you can imagine how much I loved getting this video of Grace doing her rendition of one of the Family Camp chants...

Grace had her last day of school in the Yellow 2 room on Thursday. I was so sad that I couldn't be there for her last day, but maybe it's for the best because it would have broke my heart to say goodbye to Grace's AMAZING teachers.  I seriously feel like these teachers are part of our family because of the way that they tirelessly serve and bless Grace (and the rest of our family) each and every day.  Grace talks about her teachers all day everyday, so their legacy will live on :-).  I took Grace to get donuts this morning while the big kids were still asleep and she was telling me that Mrs. Carol needs donuts too (Grace will even accidentally call David, myself, or the big kids Mrs. Carol when she's asking for something).  Anytime someone complements her hair she tells them that Ms. Irma did it, and I love hearing her say Ms. Tiffy's name (it's what she calls Ms. Tiffany).  The Rise School is unlike anything we could have ever dreamed up)  We couldn't be more grateful that Grace LOVES, LOVES, LOVES her school and that we get to be a part of the Rise family!

I wish I had a picture of Grace's last day of school with her teachers, but since I was out of town, David dropped off/picked up from school that day, soooo the thought of taking pictures was never in the realm of possibilities.  That's ok, the worlds best daddy can have a get out of jail/doghouse free pass :-).

All three kids had a blast playing together this weekend, when I went to check on them to see what they were up to (besides the disaster that they created in Andrew's room), here is the sweetness that I witnessed...
The Ross Family Worship Band!
Hope that didn't bust your eardrums, but it's the heart behind it that counts, right :-)?

Much love to you, sweet Village!!!

Now off to watch some Special Olympics (insert squeal)!!! 

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