Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mother's Day-today...

Missed you the past couple of weeks...

I hope that everyone had a blessed Mother's Day!  I seriously loved my hand made cards and gifts from the kiddos, especially since the big kids are at an age where they can specifically express what's in their little hearts and minds.  We decided to surprise my Mother-in-love at church on Mother's Day which was a huge treat because we are terrible at keeping surprises, but we actually pulled this one off.  We spent the rest of the day playing at the park and eating at Gramaldi's (super yummy pizza).

-Abigail and Andrew are both on our neighborhood swim team this year and to our surprise they actually love practicing 5 days a week and working hard for 40 minutes straight!

Here is "the boss" coaching and cheering her Bubba and Tither on from her shaded chair...

-We are continuing to wait (sort of patiently) to hear back from Grace's Dr.'s in Boston as to when we need to go back to have her valve dilated.  We are praying that no news/delayed news is good news, but the waiting can be hard because we want to plan...  Will you please continue to pray for wisdom for her Dr.'s and that Grace continues to do well?  THANK YOU!

-We had Grace's quarterly liver labs drawn (she had a random liver injury at one week old that requires us to follow up with a liver specialist to make sure that it is stable and not getting any worse) and her liver team said that her numbers were all within normal range!  Praise the Lord!!!

-We had Grace's IIP meeting at her school (I'm not even sure what IIP stands for, but it's where we go over her previously set goals, establish new goals, plan for the next year, etc).  We were elated to hear about all of the goals that she has met and exceeded, so much so that she is going to be transitioning to a 3-6 year old curriculum shortly.  That is certainly praiseworthy news for our little Gracie and her Designer genes :-). In case I haven't mentioned it lately, we are SO VERY grateful for The Rise School!  Each person at Grace's school plays such an intricate part of our village, as do each of you reading this post right now :-).

-Yesterday both of the kids final soccer games of the season were cancelled because of soggy fields, so we made a last minute decision to meet some friends at the beach.  It was such a treat to get to see the big kids riding waves and Grace loving the sand, waves, and birds.  Of course, none of us had our phones on the beach, so no pics of the beach fun, but here are some pics of some pool fun that took place before and after the beach.

-Last night we went to a crawfish boil where this giant dog stole Grace's heart!  Most of you know that Grace LOVES all things "dogs"!  You can imagine her delight when she laid eyes on this giant, sweet, slobbery, teddy bear of a dog!  She didn't want to leave his side all evening!

-Abigail was asked to dismiss the Hi-5 kids (the 1st-5th grade kids) from worship in the sanctuary to go to children's church and share what they will be learning including the memory verse for the month.  We were so proud of her for getting up in front of the whole church without being nervous.  I was reminded of how sweet her innocence is that she isn't yet concerned about what others think, or the possibility of failure, you know the kind of "stuff" that can so often keep us in bondage or distracted from being used by God.  My prayer has been that God would preserve that innocence and that she would always perform for an audience of One.  It also helps that we have a church full of great encouragers that do an amazing job of making sure that she (we) know that we are loved and supported no matter what :-).

(((hugs))) to you, Village!!!

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