Sunday, May 3, 2015

Let's celebrate!!!

A lot has happened since my last post, so here goes what I intend to be a quick update (no promises on the quick part though :-)...

-Wednesdays have turned into a day of unexpected drama for Grace- three weeks ago on Wednesday, one of Grace's teachers had to do the Heimlich on her, the next Wednesday she split her nose (the little part that connects your lip to your nose) to where her pediatrician thought it would need stitches, however, the ER was able to glue it, and this past Wednesday she was diagnosed with pneumonia.  We are really praying that this next week is uneventful!  

A star by day (don't you wear sunglasses in the bath tub?) and a super hero by night!

-Andrew had his Kindergarten field trip to the zoo where he hung out with one of his sweetest little friends.  These two are just too precious!  We might just be warming up to the idea of arranged marriages :-)

-"The Boss," also known as Grace (that is my new name for her because she walks so confidently, chest out and with a swagger wherever she goes as if she owns the place), has been singing a lot lately which has really blessed this momma's ears.  For some reason, I was eagerly and anxiously waiting and wondering when she would start trying to sing (or rap- remember Grace's favorite music is Christian rap), especially since she LOVES music so much and the time has come, it was so worth the wait!

-Wait for it....  David officially graduated from seminary!!!  

The church that the graduation ceremony was held at couldn't have been a better fit, since they have a row of parking adorned with this sign (in case you can't read it, it says "special needs parking"), which came in very handy as we were running late, and for worship they had amazing gospel music (which is a family favorite)!

After graduation we celebrated with crawfish and a tickling/wrestling match!

 The ceremony was 2 hours long which made me a little concerned for how long the Boss would hold on, but she was entranced by the music, clapping and cheering for all of the graduates as they were individually called, and then her sissy got her to sleep during the sermon.  Praise the Lord!!!

WOW!  What a labor of love school has been!  I couldn't be more proud of him as I have watched him stretch himself in such selfless ways as he would constantly choose time with his family over studying/writing papers.  This prioritization would require him to squeeze in school work while the kids are at school, staying up to wee hours of the morning to finish assignments (and then still getting up early the next morning with the rest of the family), writing papers from Grace's hospital room, which seemed like a pointless task at times because she hardly slept in the hospital and when she was awake she needed her daddy's full attention, and lastly he selflessly took semesters off of school when needed in order to be a fully present daddy for Grace while she was very sick for two and a half months in Boston.  For so long, we have wondered what exactly God has in store for David and our family once he was done with school and, while we still don't have many definitive answers, God is revealing His plan already and it's pretty exciting.   I also firmly believe that "for such a time as this" David was in seminary to prepare him for the most important ministry, shepherding our family through the toughest time in our lives thus far, and I know that God will continue to use David to lead us through the crazy that is undoubtably in our future (remember there is never a dull moment in our lives and if it feels like we might be approaching one, we get a little antsy since that is no longer our normal).  Most of you are very familiar with all that God has done in the life of our family over the past 3 years, but I wanted to share with you a glimpse of the hope that is found in Christ when it feels like your world is crumbling around you.  This hope is for YOU too!  

To be honest, I'm sort of mortified at the thought of posting this because I hate to see myself on camera, much less the rest of you see me on camera, but I have to remember that it's not about me, this is God's story and I want Him to get all the glory.  This video was played at church on Easter Sunday during a sermon titled "If not for Grace."  Clearly the title and message was/is all about God's grace (unmerited favor) and the hope that can be found in His grace, but it's pretty fitting that our little genetically enhanced, broken hearted daughter is named, Grace :-).

-Andrew and Abigail told David that for his graduation present they would both score a goal at their soccer games for him and they both held up to their commitment.

*Prayer request- We are still waiting to hear back from Grace's doctors in Boston as to when we need to go back there for her valve to be dilated.  Will you please continue to pray for all of those details and that our Wednesday extravaganzas with Grace (or any of the other kiddos for that matter) don't continue?

I totally failed on the "quick" part of this post, so I apologize for that!  Thank you for hanging on until the end and for always standing in the gap for our family!  We love and appreciate you! 


Kimberly Melson said...

Beautiful video! Brought back many sweet camp memories with you guys! And Grace is so big!

The Belle said...

Love this post and all the pics!! :)

LOVE the video!! We have so many parallels as to how God spoke to us. You had a feeling right away and fought with God- I was the same way with adoption. Never getting pregnant was the worst thing that could have happened to me. I fought Him for years, and I truly believe had I not been obedient we would have had fertility issues.

Also with how you just knew she would have UPs. I told you how when I mentioned I felt like God would have us adopt again if we moved East, Paul said he agreed and he said it would be a girl with UPs. It was just such a shocking thing for him to say- not only that we both felt God leading us to adopt again (that's a big shock in itself), but for PK to not only be ok with UPs, but that being his first choice. :)

It is amazing to me how even though many people don't want UPs kiddos, when God wants them in a family, He makes His will KNOWN!

Just to update you a litte: Teddie is pretty much in our daily conversations. :) We're just still waiting on His perfect timing. :)

Praying for Grace!

Also, so proud of David and your whole fam with his graduation! I remember when he started seminary right after his masters and I commented on the whirlwind, (I even had to apologize in case it was received as un-supportive). We had NO idea what whirlwind was really in store! Completing a seminary degree is tough, period. To do it with a fam is tougher. To do it as he did with Grace- nearly impossible! Just another picture of God making His will known in your lives! :) BIG things to come, indeed!

LOVE Y'ALL!!! With summer coming, we hope we can be part of your summer plans! :)

Kathy A. said...

What a sweet video! Brings tears to my eyes and then smiles as well when I see Grace's happiness and joy. God certainly placed her in the right family. He certainly teaches us through the trials, doesn't He?

Aunt Kathy