Saturday, November 15, 2014

Urgent prayer request...

"Hi Village, I hear that you have prayed me through some pretty scary times, so I thought I would call you and ask you to please pray for my Bubba, he is so special to me.  Here is what's going on..."
Andrew's blood test revealed that his immune system is working just fine, however, they found that his titers (antibodies that are acquired from a vaccine) for strep pneumo are low, which means that he needs to be revaccinated with a pneumococcal vaccine to protect him from the type of bugs that are the likely cause of the pneumonias.  Also, he is scheduled to get tested for allergies in mid December to figure out if poorly controlled allergies is what's creating a breeding ground for the sinus and lung infections.  Here is where the super big prayer request comes in...  his doctor wants to rule out cystic fibrosis, so he has a sweat test (the cystic fibrosis test) on Monday, the 17th, at 9:30 am, assuming they can get enough sweat from him, we should get results by Monday afternoon.  The doctor said that she was 90+% sure that he doesn't have it, but she just wants to check to rule it out.  We are trusting in God's provision, but tempted to worry about all the "what if's"... will you please pray that my Bubba doesn't have cystic fibrosis, that we (especially my mommy) can have peace as we wait for the results and turn the "what if's" to "even if's?"

Isn't my Bubba cute? 

Look at the picture of us that he drew at school this week!  Can you believe my Daddy couldn't figure out who was in the drawing?!?!  The scar on the chest and pony tail look just like me...  silly Daddy!

Thank you so much, I knew I could count on the Village that is helping raise me, my Bubba, and Tither!!!  LOVE YOU!!!

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Penny Yokubaitis said...

We are sending might Texas LOVE and heartfelt loving prayers! Your sweet family will be covered with God's love and protection through all of this medical/illness crisis/heartache each step of the way! Remember YOU ARE NEVER EVER ALONE!
God is walking with each of you, do not be afraid (that comes from the evil one)! You have been through so very much! He has not let go of your hand yet! Much love, Penny Y.