Tuesday, June 4, 2013

We are 3 for 3...

Abigail and Grace had their well visits today (Abigail, 6 years old, and Gracie, 9 months old).

They were both blessed by the news that they didn't need any shots this visit!  Abby is holding strong in the 3rd percentile for height and 5th for weight... Grace has fallin' off the "typical" kids chart, but is in about the 50th percentile for weight and height on the downsy-doo/ Up's chart.  Did I mention that we make little people?  I pray that the term "downsy-doo" doesn't offend anyone because it is truly a term of endearment for our family.  Those of you that know us well know that we have a nickname for just about everything, so this is no different.  We really, truly LOVE that Gracie has Up's, in fact we have often times said "I can't believe that we got one" (meaning, lucky us).  Now, don't get me wrong, having a precious little downsy-doo isn't always rainbows, cupcakes, unicorns, and sprinkles; however we choose to rejoice in the fact that God chose us to be the parents (and siblings) of a very special little girl that we feel TOTALLY and COMPLETELY inadequate to raise (I guess I should say, even more inadequate than we do with our two other little peeps), therefore keeping us on our knees hugging the feet of Jesus all day everyday.  It's kind of like a never ending roller coaster ride, so I'm learning to just stay put, hang on (to Jesus), and enjoy the ride!  Everything that Gracie has taught (and will continue to teach) our family is priceless, as it allows us to see and understand our Heavenly Father through eyes that our previous state of comfort blinded us to.  All that to say, we celebrate Grace's designer Genes, hence the sticker that we got for our car...
The reason for the sticker...  it seems like everyone in our neighborhood has a white suburban (or something that looks identical), so I told David that I need something on the car to help me identify it better because I'm forever getting excited, thinking that I see David driving just to find out when I get close enough.... nope just another white suburban!  I told David if he didn't pick some sort of sticker, then I was going to pick something and that got him busy in a hurry, so this is what he chose :-)

So, the last update on our "well child" check up's today is that David and I are batting 100%...  Oh yea!  3 out of 3 kids get to see the ticker Dr (cardiologist)!  Abigail had to see a cardiologist, do a halter monitor, etc when she was first born (they heard a murmur in the hospital), but that was the last we heard of anything, until today.  Our pediatrician (who we love and is super thorough) heard a murmur and arrythmia on Abigail today and while she thinks that they are most likely "innocent", she wants us to see a ticker Dr (Cardiologist).  While that's never the news you want to hear, I'm grateful that she will get her heart checked out because a few months ago I said to David that I kind of just wanted Abigail to see a ticker Dr, just for peace of mind that her heart is alright (since Andrew has a murmur and Grace... you know the story :-).  I guess God agreed with that strategy because He certainly orchestrated the necessary events to make it happen today.  Will you please pray that Abigail's ticker checks out just fine?  Also, Grace has a follow up ticker Dr appointment tomorrow morning.  Will you please pray that her chest X-ray, oxygen levels, and all other vitals look great?  If you remember...  maybe you could also pray that she very quickly grows out of this phase of thinking that it's party time in the middle of the night!!!!  For the past week and a half she wakes up in the middle of the night and just wants to party.  With our other children, we would let them fuss it out and learn to put themselves back to sleep, but Gracie comes with a contingency...  she's not suppose to get too upset because of her heart, which makes shutting down the party a little difficult :-).  This too shall pass, right? :-)

Thank you Village!  We love you!!!

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