Monday, June 17, 2013

Urgent prayer request...

Grace has thrown up a couple of times today for no apparent reason.  She had two therapies today and finished her bottle in between the two appointments.  It wasn't long into her second appointment that she honked everywhere.  She then proceeded to gag and try to throw up (she didn't have anything left in her tummy to throw up) about 4-5 more times.  We are taking her to the pediatrician first thing tomorrow morning just to make sure everything is alright.  In the mean time, the Dr called in a prescription for nausea medicine, so we are praying that it does the trick.  We are praying that her episode today was a result of all the drainage that she has had lately due to her teething.  You know how you can feel nauseous after a few days of having crazy drainage due to allergies, a cold, etc?  I didn't actually know what that felt like until moving to Texas and discovering that I'm allergic to... something in Texas.  A heart Momma can't help but worry that any sort of illness or symptom could be a sign of an unhappy heart.  I have heard about other heart babies, like Grace, that have gone downhill fast with severe mitral stenosis.  The symptoms are usually vomiting, a decrease in eating, lethargic, and fussy.  So far, she just seems to have one of those symptoms, but it's hard not to worry that it could be her heart causing the problems.  Will you please pray that Grace's symptoms fully resolve overnight and that the cause IS NOT her heart in any way, shape, or form?  I already have a post written about how fearful I am that we are suppose to leave for Family Camp this coming Sunday (I will post it shortly), so with Grace's odd behavior today, I can't help but wonder... are we going to be able to make it?  What if we can't, how do we make it up to Abby and Andrew?  Will you please pray for God's will to be done as it relates to Family Camp and that we would find peace, joy, and rest in whatever is in His will?

I look at this picture and think that it's Grace's way of saying "Momma, you need to kick it (like me) and not worry about me so much!"

Village, thank you for covering us in prayer!  We need you!


Sarah McGlory said...

Praying for the peace that passes understanding.

Elise said...

Praying, praying, praying! If you can't make family camp Andrew and Abby will sure be disappointed but they will come to understand why. They love their Grace over any vacation. It just might take a bit for them to realize.