Thursday, July 13, 2017

Post op day 2 & 3

As always, thank you so much for your prayers and support!  This journey would be unbearable without God using each and every one of you to lift us up. Andrew was doing ok yesterday and much better today. He was super uncomfortable and discouraged... lots of "why would God allow all this" type questions, but we had a great time of prayer as a family last night and refocusing our hearts and minds on God and how He desires us to see this situation.  It's broken our hearts (especially Abby's, who spent 9 hours at the hospital yesterday, because she didn't want to leave Andrew's side) the past couple days that he hasn't wanted to be touched or talk with us and he just looks so sad, but we started seeing some glimpses of our boy break through last night and during our time of prayer he asked me to snuggle him and rub his leg (my heart about burst with joy)!  Andrew's feelings last night stemmed from the anticipation of having to get an extremely painful injection in his butt and on top of everything else he has gone through that just sent him over the edge. By God's Grace, Andrew was super tough for that injection (it was all God)  and has a better attitude since then.

Andrew woke up today and was doing okay, but his cousins arrived to visit him this afternoon and all of a sudden he wanted to show off in front of them. He got out of bed by himself for the first time, walked without assistance for the first time, stood for a long time, and walked around the entire unit.  Andrew walked more in a 20 minute period than he had altogether since surgery.  It's amazing how quickly things turned around with some cousin intervention.

In order for Andrew to move towards discharge we need to make sure he is eating steadily and can transition from IV pain meds to oral meds (which will be happening this afternoon). Will you please pray for a smooth transition and discharge as soon as it's safe (we know better than to try to push it 😬).  The girls and I fly home on Saturday, so I can Lord willing go to back to work on Monday and David and Andrew will fly home upon discharge (please pray for all of those logistics). I have one other big praise and prayer request...  Andrew's oncologist here in Iowa (she's the one calling the shots on his treatment) came by this morning to discuss the next steps. At the conclusion of our conversation she said "I know you guys are praying people, I want to ask that you pray for us as we make decisions on how to best treat Andrew?"  UMMMMM... YES! WE CAN DO THAT!!!  Praise the Lord that she would know where wisdom comes from! Will you please pray for just that... for God to give her and the rest of Andrew's team (us included) wisdom and skill in every decision they make concerning Andrew's health. Keep praying for a miracle too 😉. Since the beginning of this journey, I have felt the Lord remind me repeatedly when it feels like the wheels have fallen off... the bigger the mess, the bigger the miracle. #butGod

(Sorry, we would include pictures, but when posting from the phone it doesn't quite work the way it is supposed to)!

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