Sunday, August 28, 2016

School and Birthday FUN!!!

We've been busy getting back into the swing of things with school and sports starting and Grace having her 4th birthday!!!

***All 3 kiddos have hit the teacher jackpot and had a great start to their 2nd, 4th, and pre-K school year! We are so grateful for the Lord's provision in the details of our life, both big and small!

Meet the Teacher!

In case you can't read the sign...  Abigail still wants to be a teacher at The Rise School with Grace as her assistant teacher.

This year, Andrew also wants to teach at the Rise School, alongside of Abby, and with Grace as their assistant. 

Grace wants to be a teacher too!

First day of school!

***A couple of highlights from the first week of school:

I just love Andrew's heart... His "5 awesome facts about himself" at the bottom are so simple!

Grace (and the rest of us) LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Grace's new school! Praise the Lord! I especially love that they love that "she's very talkative!" I don't think her Elementary School teachers will always appreciate that quality of hers (LOL)!

This little girl does not enjoy reading (so a chapter book a week in 4th grade is a tall order for her), but she loves a challenge and accomplishing goals, so it's been such a blessing to see her choose to power through her book without the slightest fuss, even when it's inconvenient.

***Saturday was Grace's 4th birthday!!!  This kid has rocked our world in the best of ways! She (in God's strength and provision) has driven us to take permanent residence on our knees, as we have fought (and will always be fighting) for her life, learned how to dance in the rain instead of wait for life's storms to pass, and continue to marvel at how a little person can be one of the mightiest prayer warriors I know. The lessons God teaches me through this little life are such an incredible gift. Who am I that I get to be her momma?  

We celebrated this little girl in the simplest, but most special way, doing all of her favorite things!  Donuts for breakfast, playing together as a family, taking "baby" to play at the park...

Swinging with "baby"...

I guess Andrew was overseeing the swinging process with a birds eye view...

Ran laps with Sissy to get nice and conditioned for the soccer season (Grace starts soccer in a couple weeks ;-)

Cheering Bubba and Sissy on as they jumped off swings...

Swimming with friends...

 Eating cake(I must have missed that picture because I was busy stuffing my face)!

Check out this Anna dress and tights from Bubba and Sissy!

And... LOOK! A real (pretend) make up kit from Mommy Daddy because my favorite thing to do in the morning is make up with Mommy!

 Check out the coolest balloon ever that Grace's second favorite princess (after Elsa and Anna), Mrs. Jill brought over for her!

Much love, (((hugs))), and blessings to you!!!

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Ashleigh said...

I remember reading your family's story back when Grace was having her surgeries! I saved your blog address and I'm so happy to see her and all of you doing so well! Mu little Avery (also with an extra chromosome) was just a tiny thing When I found your blog! She was approaching OHS herself and I'd sit up at night reading stories of what other families have walked through. Thankful for families that take the time to share! It really is wonderful to come back and see her growing and doing great! God bless!