Sunday, February 7, 2016

So glad to be home again...

I  was in New York for work this week, so I couldn't be more excited to return home to our regularly scheduled crazy life!

-Abigail brought home a poem that she had to write for school.  Clearly, my fears were far from warranted (when I was pregnant with Grace) that Abigail and Andrew would be burdened by having a sister with special needs.  God knows what He's doing?

What Abby meant when she said that school is like a birthday is that Grace is so excited to go to school everyday that each day is like it's her birthday.  

-My sweet boy was Cougar Cub of the week...  This boy just makes my heart smile!

-I was sort of mortified to hear that someone in Grace's class had lice while I was out of town, but praise the Lord Grace has remained lice free and she has become professional at doing lice checks on her little friends in her class, per her teacher.  Here is a picture of Grace being Grace...  she loves to help others when ever she can.

Grace helping to put her buddies shoes on at school!

-We went out to dinner to celebrate us all being home together again and Grace was cracking us up as she sat on David's lap and tried to intercept every one of his bites of food.

-Abigail's team won their soccer tournament this weekend!!!  4 games in two days (the last one being the championship game), it was busy, intense and super exciting!  Abigail has always been competitive (she HATES to lose), but she took the loss of their second game yesterday SO hard.  She cried for 45 minutes because she was mad at how she played the first half of the game and felt like she could have been more helpful in stopping the other teams second goal.  David and I are both competitive by nature and will be honest with Abigail about how she played, but we didn't even think that she played bad, certainly there were things that she could have done better, but nothing that warranted her tears and beating herself up.  The hardest part was that there was nothing I could say or do to encourage her, so we just prayed, listened to worship music, etc.  I know exactly how she was feeling because I was the same way growing up dancing, it's just way harder watching your kiddo struggle.  By God's grace she went into today's games with a vengeance and played her heart out, despite taking a beating (she was fouled HARD twice and took a ball to the face in the second game).  After taking a hard ball to the face, through her tears she insisted that she was fine because she didn't want to have to come off of the field (if the coach has to come onto the field when someone is hurt they have to go off the field).  I just love her heart and determination, she may be little, but in God's strength she can be a tough cookie (like her little sister she would say).  I'm just trying to prepare my heart for many more games and years of tough losses, but today we celebrate a tournament win!

-I love Grace's sweet little voice in this video.  Here she is first thing yesterday morning saying hi to some of her favorite friends, Mrs. Jill and her daughter Parker.


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