Sunday, April 12, 2015

12 years!!!

With all the excitement of Easter and Abigail's baptism last week, I forgot to mention that Grace had a cardiology appointment this week.  Here is an update from her appointment:

Praises first :-)- This was our first attempt at an unsedated echo (keeping a 2 year old still for an hour while they take many pictures of her heart sounded impossible) and by God's grace... it was a success!  She screamed at first which caused us to doubt that it was going to work, but it was as if God's peace came over her in an instant and she, out of nowhere, was completely calm and stayed that way throughout the whole echo.  Since she didn't have to be sedated we were able to take her to school after her echo (which was also a huge praise because she LOVES school and it allowed me to pick her up after school to take her to see her cardiologist to talk about the echo results).

The other praise came when I took her back that afternoon to see her cardiologist and she had to have an X-ray. We have to hold her down with her arms over her head and then turn her on her side for the second picture. Grace started out screaming at the top of her lungs to the point I was afraid she would make herself sick, I started to sing her the song "Amazing Grace" (that is the main song I would sing her day in and day out in the hospital, whether she was sedated or awake) and again at that moment God's amazing peace came over her and she was silent and content.  The two nurses doing the X-ray said "I have never seen anything like that before, that was amazing" which was another opportunity to boast on God :-).

Prayer request- The gradient across her mitral valve is higher (it went from 6 to 9), the valve looks more narrow, and the pressure in her right ventricle is elevated (because of the valve).  A gradient of 9 isn't an emergency by any means, but something that our cardiologist definitely wants to talk to our Dr.'s in Boston about to see if they would prefer to dilate the valve now or wait.  The hard part is that Grace is only the 20th child to have this type of valve in the mitral position, so there isn't a protocol in place to follow (they're still learning about the process)...  it's more of a guessing game, but the good news is that God knows.  Will you please continue to pray for wisdom for both our Texas and Boston Dr.'s to know when to plan a heart catheter to dilate the valve and that when ever that time is, that God would take care of all of the details and give us His peace that surpasses comprehension (especially Abigail and Andrew because they get very sad when thinking about Grace having to go back to Boston)?

Today, David and I celebrate 12 years of marriage (17 years together total)!  

This is how we celebrated this weekend...  Andrew's soccer game was canceled due to the weather, so we started the weekend with Abigail's hard fought soccer game.  Her team had to play a person down, the other team had 4 subs, and at least three of the girls on the other team were 3 times bigger than Abigail and they used their size in a big way (a modern day version of David and Goliath).  We talk and pray about how God created Abigail tiny, but mighty (in His strength) and she most certainly courageous in His strength in Saturday's game.  Then, my dad and step-mom took the kiddos for the night while we had a wonderful overnight getaway.  Our original plan was to go camping, but the weather had other plans, so we had to rough it at the St. Regis instead (David found us a great deal because he knows that I can't enjoy myself if we have to break the bank to get there :-).  

When God created David He broke the mold making him one in 7.2 billion to be exact :-).  I'm one grateful, undeserving girl to get to be his wife and partner on this Divinely designed roller coaster!

He's our real life super hero!

Village, thank you so much for your prayerful support!  (((hugs)))

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