Sunday, March 22, 2015

Celebrating those with designer genes...

Another guest post from David, since being home from our vacation on Spring Break, Abigail and Andrew were back in school this week and Kristi was back at work, but Grace had her Spring Break this week and I had another week off of school, so me and Grace got to kick it all week.  It was fun having some daddy/daughter time together, it kind of reminded me of our time together in the hospital.  

Grace had her annual check up at the Down Syndrome clinic on Thursday.  We spent about two hours there, as occupational therapy and speech therapy assessed Grace, followed by the doctor giving his own assessment.  The doctor stated that he would be pleased for kids with Down syndrome around Grace's age to be at least at half of their developmental age; therefore, since Grace is 30 months, he would have been pleased if she was at least at 15 months developmentally, but by the grace of God Grace is developmentally around 24 months.  The doctor even stated himself that God's hand can be seen all over this because with Grace having spent so much time in the hospital and being on bypass 6 times during her surgeries, he was very surprised that she would be doing so well developmentally.  Praise God!  He has certainly used The Rise School and her amazing big sister and brother to help her be all that He created her to be.

This is what we found when we asked the big kids to quietly check to see if Grace was awake...

Another praise, Andrew had his follow-up appointment with the ENT and he was very pleased with how well Andrew has healed and how great his sinuses look now.

Yesterday, we celebrated National Down Syndrome day with Abigail having a morning soccer game in the rain and in the afternoon we went to the Gigi's playhouse celebration at a local park, which was also in the rain, but turned out to be Grace's favorite part of the event.  She had so much joy just running around in the rain, I think she knew her extra chromosome was being celebrated!

"The rain rules!"

We couldn't take our eyes off of Grace for a second because she was determined to go swimming in the duck pond game.  I guess it's better than trying to go swimming in the lake at the park :-/.

Some of the kiddos from our Life Group that came out to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day!!!

Thank you for being a part of our Village!!!


Julie Wigle said...

That is awesome news about Grace being where she is developmentally! Glory to God, especially by choosing wisely to give Grace to your sweet family! :) He knew you would be awesome parents to her!
Still can't get over her smile.....

Mary Ross said...

When we celebrate the anniversary of our baptism at church, one of our women who introduces it each month is always happy to point out the rainy days. She says it reminds her of splashing in the water and getting drenched in God's love. It looks like everyone in your family just splashed away and loved getting drenched with God's grace.

Kathy A. said...

I just laugh every time I see Grace with her "smiley" face. What a gift she is to you. I know I'll have to wait til Branson to see her but I can't wait.

God is faithful!

Love, Aunt Kathy
ps. Are you going to get a Gigi's Playhouse in your area?