Sunday, February 1, 2015

Prayer request...

Please forgive me for not being able to do a typical post tonight, this has been a CrAzY busy weekend with a birthday party, 3 soccer games, 1 basketball game, getting to hear and meet Gene Stalling (more on that later :-), super bowl party, etc...  I hope that y'all had a blessed week and weekend and I pray that you are reminded today how much your membership in our Village means and matters to us!

I have a big prayer request for you Village, Andrew has his sinus and adenoid surgery this Thursday, Feb. 5th.  He has been through SO much the past 5 months with two bouts of pneumonia, complete sinus blockage, cystic fibrosis test, allergy testing, a ton of blood tests, antibiotic shots, etc, so there is no wonder that tonight as I was putting him down, he asked about his surgery and when he learned that I won't be in the operating room with him, he finally broke down and said "I'm really scared, Mommy" to which my heart broke :-(.  However, it was a great opportunity to remind him that I can't be in the operating room with him, but God, (who is WAY better than Mommy) will be there because He is ALWAYS with us.  We got to reflect on God's character (He is all powerful, all knowing, all loving, trustworthy and holy/perfect) and His promises (He has never and will never leave us or forsake us, He will comfort us, etc).  The peace that washed over Andrew (and I) as we fixed our hearts and minds on God was truly priceless.  I know that the temptation to be fearful for Andrew (and Abigail and I too) will rear it's head throughout this week and certainly on Thursday morning, so will you please pray for him (and us)?  Please pray that we can have God's peace that surpasses comprehension, that the surgery would go flawlessly without any complications, and that recovery would be easy?


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