Sunday, January 18, 2015

Highs and lows...

Update on Andrew-  he had his 6 year old well check appointment this week (just two months late) and we are still in disbelief that he is in the 80th percentile for height and 55th percentile for weight!  We aren't familiar with the upper half of the height chart so this is new territory for us ;-)!  

-I spoke with his ENT and we agreed that based on Andrew's CT scan images, surgery is the next best step for him.  His surgery date is scheduled for Feb. 5th and they will clean out his sinuses and take out his adenoids.  Will you please pray for a seamless surgery and recovery?  You would think that I'd be an old pro at this surgery stuff, after Grace having 5 open heart surgeries, but someone how I'm not, so I'm practicing giving my fears to the Lord since I know that He is not the author of fear, but the author of peace.  

This was a sweet reminder to me this week...

-Grace's teachers said that they videoed her during circle time (to show us just how into it she gets) and would show it to me on Tuesday!  I can't wait!  If I get their approval, I will post it here, so you can get a glimpse into Grace's world :-)!

This is Grace with the sweetest book that her bestie, Presley gave her...  It's all about how cool and special the scars on their chest are!

-We said goodbye to some precious friends that have said "yes, Lord" to a high calling as missionaries in Kenya.  Divya has taught/shown me what it means to bear one another burdens, rejoicing with those that rejoice, and mourning with those who mourn.  She has shown me the importance of having spirit led courage to not let a friend off the hook when they say they are "doing good."  She's one of the first people that stopped me in my tracks and, with love and sincerity in her eyes, said "no...  how are you really doing?"  I knew at that moment that she wasn't going to let me off the hook and despite the fact that it was late and we were exhausted she was willing to invest all night if needed to hear my heart; to say that I felt loved with a Christ like love is an understatement.  These are just a few examples of what makes Divya Fick the epitome of a sister in Christ.  I will miss her and her family terribly, but I have full confidence that the Atlantic Ocean can't keep us from doing life together.

This picture couldn't have been more fitting since Divya was the one person that Grace wanted to go to at their send off open house, after all Divya was the first person to meet Grace (besides David and I) after she was born and in the CVICU.  In fact, she was with me the first time that I got to see Grace after she was whisked away after being born and I couldn't see her for 24+ heartbreaking hours because I was on magnesium and had to stay in my hospital bed. 

Village, thank you for your support and prayers!  We love you!

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