Sunday, February 16, 2014

More milestones...

Hello sweet Village!!!  Well, the beginning of the week seems like forever ago, so I can't really remember any exciting details to share with you there, but we certainly had some firsts this weekend!

1) Andrew had his first sleep over!  He was SO excited and I was SO worried about the potential of him missing us at night, me missing him, and the fact that it felt like such a big boy milestone.  While Andrew was at his sleepover, Abby and Gracie had a play date with my parents (thanks dad and KK!), my most precious Valentine and I….  wait for it….  HAD A DATE NIGHT!!!  Our first date night in almost 5 months was pure sweetness and I seriously felt like we were 19 years old again :-).  I have to admit that after saying good bye to Andrew (before he left for his sleep over), I did shed a tear or two because somehow my crazy mind couldn't help but fast forward to when he gets married and how hard it will be to hand over his heart to his wife (what a lame-o, huh?).  With his daddy as the most amazing earthly example of how to love well, he has such a tender heart that knows just how to woo his momma!  He has this little monologue that he says at least once a day (often times, multiple times a day), it goes something like this…  "I love you Mommy!  You are the best Mommy ever!  I wouldn't want any other Mommy.  I'm so grateful that God gave me you because you are so good to me. I love you!"  If I have had to apologize to him for barking at him, etc he will even throw in "and no matter what you do wrong, I will always forgive you because I love you!"  You see how he just melts my heart?  AND humbles me SO MUCH?  Every time he says this sort of sweetness, my heart melts and then I struggle with feeling so undeserving of those kind words because I'm SO FAR from the best mommy (like really far :-).  I try to battle the temptation to dismiss Andrew's sweet words because it is by God's grace that He allows us to see each other through His (God's) eyes (broken vessels that have been redeemed by the blood of Christ and clothed in His righteousness).  Andrew will be one amazing husband, but until then, I'm honored to be his momma (and Abby and Gracie's too of course)!

Andrew snuggling Abby before his sleepover...
 Andrew and Jo Jo watching a movie at their sleepover…  Jo Jo is focused :-)

2)  Some of you have asked what Grace is up to these days… well, she is a precious mix of sheer joyfulness and all kinds of rascally!  She loves to dance, talk to the dogs, tell stories, play with her Bubba and Sissy, boycott sign language (we try to teach her signs and she shows us that she has a better idea of how to communicate whether it's by trying to say something with facial expressions, sounds, etc) and food (she will play with her people food, but wants nothing to do with it being in her mouth), when I try to get her to say "momma," she smiles at me and says "dadda," she prefers doing the center splits to get from sitting to being on her tummy (instead of bending her leg and leaning to the side like her therapist wants her to), etc.  That's just a glimpse into the world of Gracie Doo these days.  At this pace, I'm sure she is going to end up being a girly girl loving dolls, etc just to throw me for a loop:-).  Those of you who know Abby, and myself, know that we are not such big fans of princesses, dolls, etc, but instead prefer sports…  for instance, I walked into the family room today after finishing putting away clothes in our bed room and Abby is sitting on the couch by herself watching hockey on the Olympics, and remember she cried when the 49ers lost because "football season is over and it's so long until it starts up again!"  I love her!  All that to say, it would be like Grace to love princesses and be a true girlie girl just to keep her momma on her toes!

Sweet Sisters at Abby's Valentine's Day Party!

Abby practicing some cheer stunts with Daddy!  Please overlook the explosion of Gracie's toys that has taken place in our living room.  Where's Waldo (i.e. Gracie), she snuck away?

More Sissy fun!  Grace loved borrowing her friend Noah's car...

3)  Grace went into the nursery at church today for the second time in her life (the first time was probably 9 months ago) and she did great!  Praise the Lord!

I still have a prayer request to share with you regarding what to do with Grace for "school" next year, but you have stuck it out for so long if you are still with me reading this post, so I will wait until the next post :-).  Will you please continue to pray for overall health for our family and everyone's tickers (Grace has her next cardiology appointment the beginning of March, Abby has one in June, and Andrew toward the end of the year)?  Please also pray that we would be sensitive to the Lord's leading as we seek His will for any and all family decisions?  Thank you sweet Village!  We love you!

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