Sunday, May 5, 2013

A week of sweetness and prayer request...

This past week has been full of sweetness for a number of reasons...

Abby had a Kindergarten field trip to the zoo and it was such a treat that Andrew got to go too!

Abigail and her two BFF's (Andrew and Julia) at the field trip...

Abigail's Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Gazaway, whom she LOVES!!!

Yesterday, we had a crawfish boil with some dear friends!  Here are the kiddos eating their crawfish alternative (pigs in a blanket :-).  Surprisingly enough, all the kiddos tried the crawfish and liked it, despite the fact that their mouths were on fire!  I know that those of you that know me well are certain that I didn't eat crawfish, and you are correct, however I do love the corn on the cobb that is cooked with the crawfish (it's got all of the spice without all of the.... yuck :-).

Grace update and prayer request time...

I apologize that so many cute pictures of Grace are blurry...  As I have mentioned before, the minute Grace sees the camera she turns off her precious smiles and personality, so I have to strategically sneak pictures of her cuteness.  I guess I don't have a future as a paparazzi :-).
Our little sweetie has her next cardiology appointment this Friday, May 10th.  They are going to do an UNsedated echo (God help us!).  She has to lay very still in a certain position for almost 45 minutes...  All things are possible with God, right?  I'm hanging onto that because I can't imagine how it's going to be accomplished.  The most important reading that they need is the gradient (pressure) across her mitral valve, so as long as they can get a good look at that, they will be satisfied (they will try to get those pictures first and then see if it's possible to look at anything else).  Will you PLEASE pray that her pressure has either stayed the same or better yet, gone down?  We are praying that it hasn't increased at all because if it has we will likely have to head back to Boston for an intervention.  Please also join us in praising the Lord that Grace has continued to eat better and amaze us with how active and joyful she is!  

This is how Andrew spends much of his time...  He takes his job of loving and protecting both of his Sissies very seriously.  That boy melts my heart and cracks me up daily!

My girls!!!  Abigail wants to be a teacher when she grows up, so Grace (and Andrew) are great guinea pigs for her.  I can't wait to see her work with Grace as she gets older!  Already Abigail's heart is so sweet towards others, especially those that "take a little longer to learn things" (that's what she calls people with special needs).  I think that I have mentioned before that we do "best" and "worst" at night with the kids (we all share what the "best" and "worst" part about our day was).  We praise God for the "best" and pray over the "worst."  At times, Abigail's "best" will be something like "one of the kids that "takes a little longer to learn" at school skipped for the first time today!  Love her heart!

Thank you, our sweet village, for joining us on our journey by holding our hand (encouraging us) and lifting us up in prayer.  We will let you know how our cardiology appointment goes on Friday :-)

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