Thursday, December 13, 2012

Liver results...

Thank you, Kristen L., for reminding me that my prayer warriors are still praying for and waiting on the results from Grace's ultrasound on her liver...  I love and appreciate you girl!

Grace's liver Dr called me today and said they are still unsure why her liver enzymes went through the roof after being discharged from the hospital (she agreed that it could have been associated with the vaccinations that she got just prior to her blood being drawn), but they are pleased to see that the numbers are coming down.  Her ultrasound showed that the spot on her liver which was injured (during the scary central line episode when she was a week old) continues to get smaller (meaning it appears to be slowly healing itself) and the other concerns that they had (sludge in her gallbladder from getting TPN for a month while on the hospital and some issue with a duct, etc) all appear to be fine, so PRAISE THE LORD that at this point her liver looks like whatever was wrong is getting better.  Please pray for full healing of her liver, so that we can scratch that off of our list of specialist to see :-).

I forgot to mention in my previous post (maybe because I was in denial and just came to reality :-) that it sounds like Grace will have her second heart surgery at the end of February or early March.  I have to admit that I came away from the cardiology appointment feeling a little beat up, but I've found something that brings me joy and peace (aside from spending time with the Lord and getting  into the Word) and that is simply loving on Grace.  Much like when we got the prenatal diagnosis that she had heart defects as well as "Up's", I would have bouts of sadness or discouragement and David would remind me that I was seeing Grace as a "diagnosis" not our daughter who was precious and fearfully and wonderfully made by hour Heavenly Father.  He was so right! The same thing can happen now after a Dr tells me that something else is wrong with our baby or when you hear that what you were dreading may be a reality.  I can find myself focusing on the what if's and getting discouraged all over again, but the smallest dose of Grace's precious smiles and cooing takes my eyes off of the "diagnosis" and puts them back where they belong, seeing Grace through God's eyes (the perfect (for us) little angel that she is).  It's pretty amazing how God can give us peace about the scariest of situations... remember I told you about the sadness that comes with thinking about the possibility of having to bury Grace?  Yesterday, I realized if that be the case, maybe it is God's way of protecting her/us, in that at least we would know that she was home safe with Jesus (Lord willing of course :-) and would not have to worry about who was going to care for her after our passing, how she might handle losing her parents, etc.  My point being, I have once again been reminded that God's ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts, so instead of being fearful and burdened about the unknown, I can rest and trust in Him!  Some of us are slow learners and need to be reminded of God's amazing truth over and over and over again :-).

Andrew's cardiology appointment is scheduled for Jan. 4th and Grace's next appointment is Jan. 31st.  Please keep the prayers coming my sweet prayer warriors!  Thank you!  XOXO

I have a couple of video's that I wish that I could post, but because I'm a blogger novice I can't figure it out, so here is a recent picture of peaceful Grace just hanging out instead...

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Julie Wigle said...

I need reminded of God's truth over and over as well Kristi! But the lovely truth is, our God is a patient God, and still loves us when we forget how awesome He is and how to trust in Him solely. We will be praying for those "tickers" in Texas! My kids still talk about "baby Grace" continually! :)