Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Andrew!!!

I can't believe that our little man will be 1 year old on Thanksgiving!!! We celebrated his birthday with our family and friends this past Sunday and had a ton of fun! It's hard to believe that in the past year we have moved twice, had a precious baby boy, David has almost completed his MBA (he is in his last class now:), we have set forth a plan for me to be a full time Mom in the next 18 months, Abigail is officially smarter than David and I both and Andrew loves to be disobedient and some how always get out of being in trouble because he is SO cute and funny...

Andrew and his new best friend Garrison (they are almost exactly a month apart)!

The Cousin's picture (getting them all to look the same way at the same time is always an accomplishment:)!!!
Abigail and her Papa! My Dad and Step Mom were here this weekend, so Abigail enjoyed some special cuddle time with Papa!


Mary Ross said...

Yeah, more pictures. I love the cousins picture so I can see all my "sweet" little ones together! I'll bet my viewing of the pictures was a whole lot more peaceful than the actual event but I missed being there anyway. Can't wait to hold and play with the real things. Happy Birthday Andrew! You were a real gentleman to wait for me to get to Bloomington last year before you arrived, even if you did tell us to make it snappy.
Grandma Wrigley

Elsa said...

Oh my! Andrew is SO precious!!! I just wanna hug him!!Happy Birthday Andrew!

Julie said...

He is a year already?! WOW! So cute. I love the new pictures....hope we can get the little ones together sometime soon!